Как подключить anycast к телевизору

Using Anyview Cast to mirror content from your device to the TV screen

The Anyview Cast is an app that enables you to share (or cast) a video, audio or image from your Android-based device
to the TV.
From your tablet or phone
To mirror content from your tablet or phone to the TV:
1. Using your remote, press the button on your remote and select the Anyview Cast app.
3. Turn on the wireless display function on your Android-based device.
• Some Android-based devices may not support casting.
4. Find your TV in the list of devices that displays and select it.
5. Wait for the Creating Connection progress bar to complete on the TV screen and the video or image will display in a

Software updates for your TV

The software (also referred to as firmware) is part of what powers your TV. We will provide software updates to
continuously enhance your TV and correct any issues that may impact your user experience; therefore, we recommend
that you keep your TV connected to the Internet to automatically receive updates when they are available.
You can choose to receive updates automatically or check for software updates and install them manually.
• While your TV is updating, please don’t interrupt the progress (including turn off the Internet connection or the TV).
Checking for updates automatically
In order for your TV to receive software notification updates automatically, it must be turned On and connected to the
Internet. The Auto Firmware Upgrade setting (which enables your TV to receive the updates automatically) is turned to
On by factory default.
• While your TV is on and checking for updates, the program that you are watching will not be interrupted.
Disabling the Auto Firmware Upgrade feature
If you do not want your TV to automatically check for updates and to receive notifications when they are available, then:
1. Using your remote, press the button to display the Settings Menu.
3. Go to About TV > Auto Firmware Upgrade and turn the feature Off.
By doing this, you will have to manually check to see if you have the latest software update.
Checking for the latest firmware
To manually check for the latest firmware:
1. Using your remote, press the button to display the Settings Menu.
3. Go to About TV > Check Firmware Upgrade.
Manually installing software updates
If you turned the Auto Firmware Upgrade feature Off then you’ll need to manually install the software.
1. If the Check Firmware Upgrade screen shows there is the latest version, select the Update icon.
2. After the software downloaded, select the OK icon to start the update progress.
] button, then press the button to display the Settings Menu. Go to Network >
] button.
] button.

168.203.1 настройка MiraScreen адаптера с Android или iPhone

Сначала покажу на мой взгляд самый простой способ – настройка через веб-интерфейс по адресу Когда адаптер подключен и включен – он раздает Wi-Fi сеть. Имя сети (SSID) и пароль к ней (PSK) указаны на заставке, которая выводится на телевизор в режиме ожидания. Адаптер должен работать в режиме (Airplay (DLNA)).

На телефоне или планшете заходим в настройки Wi-Fi, выбираем эту сеть, вводим пароль и подключаемся.

Дальше открываем на этом же устройстве любой браузер и переходим по адресу Если не заходит – набираем вот так

Должна появится страничка с настройками Miracast адаптера.

Сами настройки мы рассмотрим в одном из следующих разделов этой статьи.

Второй вариант: через приложение. Есть разные приложения, через которые можно получить доступ к настройкам MiraScreen через телефон или планшет. Как правило, после подключения адаптера к телевизору на экране отображается QR-код. Это как раз ссылка на загрузку приложения. Для моего адаптера приложение называется EZMira.

Подключаем свой телефон к Wi-Fi сети Miracast адаптера (если он не подключен), запускам установленное приложение, выбираем адаптер и открываем настройки. Настройки такие же как и в веб-версии (через браузер). Если вы заметили, под названием адаптера указан IP-адрес

На скриншоте выше показал, как подключить MiraScreen или AnyCast адаптер к Wi-Fi роутеру (своей сети) через телефон.

ANYVIEW CAST The Future of Entertainment

The progress of technology has truly made our lives easier and more fun especially when it comes to access to entertainment. For one, we can use our smartphones to enjoy all types of media. However, sometimes the confines of our mobile screens are not enough. Luckily, the progress of technology has allowed us a solution to this problem with the help of Anyview Cast.

What is Anyview Cast?

Anyview Cast is a feature of Devant Smart TVs that allow us to connect our gadgets and smartphones wirelessly to our television sets, allowing us a richer and better viewing experience.

Wireless Screen-Mirroring

The main purpose of the Anyview Cast is to reflect the screen of your smartphone to your Devant Smart TV allowing you to view all files, videos, images and even live-stream on your TV. It works by casting the items on your television.

Using Anyview Cast does not need to depend on an internet connection or cables, as both your Devant Smart TV and smartphone connects to each other directly providing you an easy and hassle-free experience. It is a free feature of Devant Smart TVs that allow you to experience your favorite smartphone applications and games in full screen.

 So how does Anyview Cast work?

Simply configure your Devant Smart TV’s network to Wireless then open the Anyview Cast app. On your smartphone, open your wireless display function (take note that some android devices might not support casting). Next step is to find your Devant Smart TV on the list of devices displayed on your smartphone and select it. Within a few seconds Anyview Cast will enable your smartphone to be screen-mirrored on your television.

4 Benefits of Anyview Cast


Keep up with your favorite shows and series. Use your mobile device to play the video files stored on your device or access video streaming apps and use Anyview Cast to mirror it on your Devant Smart TV for a better viewing experience.


Share your memories with family and friends by accessing and viewing your social media apps in your Devant Smart TV. Anyview Cast also allows you to transform your mobile device into a webcam, which works best when casting messaging apps like Skype on the big screen while you communicate with your loved ones.


Enjoy your favorite mobile games with your friends on the big screen and transform your smartphone into a video game controller.


Use your Devant Smart TV as an interactive whiteboard or as a projector for presentations saved on your smartphones without the need for cables. The comfort that technology provides us is truly amazing. Anyview Cast is just a small example on the future of entertainment. The next time you find your eyes on your smartphone, remember that there is a much better experience waiting for you with Anyview Cast. Try it now.

May 15th, 2017|Devant|

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